Knowing Us!

Chief of Executive Officers (CEO)

Yanu Endar Prasetyo, or usually called ‘Yanu’ was born in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. He is currently living in the United States of America for finishing his doctorate program at the University of Missouri. He is one of the social researchers in the Indonesian Institute of Science. His interest in Social Science brought him to look at the social issues in Indonesia from his scientific perspective. It helped him out to formulate a proper recommendation to solve social issues in Indonesia. Entrepreneurship is a sector which he called as an ‘engine of development’ for the country. Furthermore, establishing this company is his way to support young generations to develop Indonesia by realizing their crazy ideas which can influence the development of Indonesia.

You can reach Yanu via email at

Muhammad Baidowi, or usually called ‘Bai’ or ‘Owi’ was born and raised up in a small village, located in Subang, West Java, Indonesia. After finishing his high school, he decided to take a bachelor degree at Bogor Agricultural University and taking the major of agronomy and horticultural science. Alongside his academic activities at the university, he used to join with many organizations, communities, and volunteer groups to follow his passion for community development. He had a passion to get international experiences as well during his college life. He used to be a delegation of his campus and Indonesia for some international events in some countries. He has visited some countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Republic of China (ROC), South Korea, Japan, and recently the United States of America (USA). His biggest dream is becoming a future leader of Indonesia. However, he realized that to be the next leader for the nation requires a long process of leadership capability development. CBC was designed by him to be a new place for him to learn how to contribute to the country in the business sector.

You can reach Bai via email at

Fusila Insani Solihat, was also born in Subang city, West Java, Indonesia. Living around with local villagers in the middle of nowhere, she used to build a dream to see the world. Germany was a country in Europe that she was willing to visit. She graduated from Padjadjaran University with a degree in Germany Linguistic and Literature.  After graduated from the college, she used to become a participant of Au Pair program in Germany and stayed with a Deutch family in Germany for 12 months. She took German Course while she was living in Germany.  She either gained a lot of experiences in marketing and education fields. It makes her realize that education is important for the nation.  Due to her meaningful living abroad experience in Europe, she really wanted to help Indonesian youths who are seeking international program.  She will specifically supervise our education projects along with the managing director of CBC-edu and other staff. Her dream to spread the spirit of unity in diversity to young generation in Indonesia is an inspiration act and reminds us of how diverse the world is.

You can reach Fusila via email at

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