We realized that education is the biggest sector in our country that contributed to human resources development and preparing a million future leaders of Indonesia.

The CBC’s division of education provides several educational services in order to facilitate our international and local clients and networks. The programs are divided our programs into outbound and inbound programs.

Our outbound programs are collaborated with universities, international agencies, companies, etc. Our outbound programs are including;

Internship and Training Programs;


International Internship and Training Programs for Indonesian Agriculture Students in a big horticultural and dairy farm Companies in some countries including USA, Natherland, Germany, Australia, Canada, and other countries.

Summer Schools;


Mizzou International Experience (MIE) is an international educational program designed by the University of Missouri. MIE was specifically designed for high school students and educators around the world. MIE’s first Career Exploration Program firstly launched in 2016. MIE collaborated along with CBC Indonesia in terms of helping students and schools to gain international experiences in the USA.

Our inbound programs are designed to offer a rare experience for youths in all over the world to gain an exchange program in Indonesia. Our inbound programs are including;


Nusantara Exchange Program (NEP) designed to deliver a mission of “Connecting and Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders” by bringing together exchange students and volunteer host families in Indonesia. NEP allows International students to become familiar with the Indonesian way of life by attending local high schools, attending lectures in the university, experiencing authentic family life, participating in community service, and enjoying myriad kinds of culture and beautiful tropical environment of Indonesia. As a result, Indonesian host families also learn about foreign cultures and make a lasting friendship with the students hosted in their homes and their families. We also maintain a network of dedicated volunteer host families that allow us to secure a safe and welcoming placement for each incoming student. As our exchange program proceeds, we provide supervision and guidance to all program participants and send consistent reports to the natural parents so that they may follow along with their progress.

According to the description of our education program above; these are the exchange and educational programs that we arrange to work together with international agencies and local partners in Indonesian:

  • Exchange Program (3-12 Months) for Indonesian High School Students.
  • Internship Program (3-12 Months) for Indonesian undergraduate students. 
  • Indonesian Host Families (2 – 12 weeks) for foreigner to gain exchange experience in Indonesia.


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