Our history

On spring 2018, Baidowi and Yanu as founders of CBC, met one another in Columbia, Missouri, USA. Baidowi was spending his grace period in the USA and just finished his international internship program from the Ohio State University. He visited Yanu’s apartment who was pursuing the doctoral program at the University of Missouri. Along with Yanu and his family, Baidowi enjoyed the sightseeing of Missouri University and catching up with many international students in that campus. He shared to Yanu and other new friends about his life-changing experience during his exchange and internship program in the USA. He discussed with Yanu about the importance of ‘living-abroad’ experience and the spirit of entrepreneurship for young generation in Indonesia. The entrepreneurship sector is the key to stimulate the economic improvement in Indonesia. “Once the idea meets with the passion, the idea of realization was changing to be real”. Baidowi and Yanu made a commitment to work together in establishing a startup which encourages young generation in Indonesia to work and learn together to implement their crazy business ideas. Simply, by only spending a few days for discussion, Caraka Buana Cendekia (CBC) was officially born on Sunday, November 11, 2018. We divided our business with some divisions to enlarge our learning process. Those divisions are including CBC-edu, CBC-agro, CBC-trade, and CBC-techno.

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